Sharing memories. Thoughtfully. With family and real friends

1. Get a photo...
Travelling? From in front of a tourist spot take a picture, turn on your phone data and share to the app. Or, in your room after a tourist day, scroll through your photos and choose any of them to share on the app. Or, like to pass on memories of your childhood with the kids and grandchildren? Scan in some old pictures and write notes to the app -- for posterity.
2. Tap to add...
Login to the app and swipe to the place on the map where your memories were made. One tap and a pin drops onto that location and an album is created for photos and comments about that place. Tap the album and add pictures from your phone to that album! Write comments. Enjoy the nostalgia.
3. Share!
There's a list in the app of your Facebook friends who've got the app and have signed in with their FB login. Tap a friend to share with them specific albums and memories. They will see your photos and comments in those albums, and can comment and add their own photos and notes.

It's really that easy

Like to capture your travel adventures with stories as well as photos? You can add those journal entries as text and share them with the family as you go!

For example, with data on your phone, stand at a tourist spot, take a photo, and with a tap login to the app.

Three things happen next.

  1. You can create an album at exactly that location.
  2. Immediately you can add to the album photos and comments about that place.
  3. From inside the app you can tag Facebook Friends and open up the album to them. They can add their own memories — their photos and notes!


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The mapping app for your best, most meaningful memories

This app is for special memories. Those particularly valuable memories. Memories you want to return to. To spend time on. To share with people who are special to you. Not to share with all of Facebook, but rather with family and "real" friends who will take time to walk down Memory Lane with you.

The app lets you bring your family and friends with you on your travels and share with them those special places and moments of your adventures; let them explore the world with you.

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